About the cars made by Great Wall: a history before their official history.

This is the rear of car which looks like a Toyota Crown S130 but which is in fact a Great Wall CC1020s!

In 1976 the Great Wall Refit Works were established by mr. Wei Deliang. They started automotive production in 1984. In these early years Great Wall made some vehicles in very low quantities. For instance in 1987 they made 355 vehicles. One of the vehicles was this CC130 truck, which I encountered in 1987.

Or this car, a CC513 eight seats station wagon based on the chassis of a BJ212.

In 1989 mr. Wei Deliang got an accident and it was his son, mr. Wei Jianjun who became in 1990 general manager of the Great Wall Motor Industry Company.
And young mr. Wei had ambitions!
He studied the ins and outs of Japanese cars. You can see him here stepping out of a Nissan Cedric Y30.

Now it is getting serious. Mr. Wei wanted to make cars, like mr. Li (Shufu from Geely) and like mr. Li, he attempted something which is difficult to find back in the official history of Great Wall Automobiles: he copied Japanese cars. Mr. Li from Geely copied Mercedes cars, we will come back to that one later. It seems that both successful entrepreneur are a little bit ashamed about their early attempts. And the result is that it is difficult to find a coherent history about this period. I have pieces of a jigsaw, but not the complete picture. I will give you the pieces.
So we are in the early 1990s and here is a photo of a Japanese style model with the ChangCheng (Great Wall) name on the grille. In fact, it is the same model as the photo above, a Nissan Cedric Y30.

I have even a copy of a brochure showing a CC1020 car:

And there is another smaller (?) one:

In 1994 in China’s far west (Kashgar) I met this Great Wall sedan, looking like the CC1020, but this car seemed to be built on a BJ121 chassis.

This car has the word GREAT on the rear. No word about the WALL…

Interesting is the early Great Wall logo which is on the front.

This (heavier) car was named Great Wall CC1020S, Tycho recognized it as a copy of Toyota Crown S130.

In 1996 I met a CC1020S. The rear shows the make: Great Wall!

There have been a wagon based on this CC1020S too, named CC6470:

There is also a crew cab pickup also named CC1020S:

And even a longer station wagon, clearly on a BJ212 chassis:

Beware, this is a Rolls Royce Silver Spur with a Great Wall logo! The basis is clearly the CC1020S!

Here a second picture

And here the Hawk CC6470. Now I must say stop, this car isn’t 4.70 m!

After this confusing Japanese car copying period Great Wall went into pickups and from 1996 on started to grow into a real car manufacturer.

Mr. Wei Jianjun became a billionaire.

That leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions: was there any car built in serial production, which one, how many, what period?