The other FAW CA6440UA, a Chinese made Austin Montego Van.

Here we have the extremely rare Montego faced FAW CA6440UA. I found this particular car in Suzhou in late 2015. I’ve discussed technical details regarding the CA6440UA before in a previous article here, so please refer to it for more detailed information and sources. This article is more like a gallery.

This particular example is actually an “MPV”, in technical speak a hasty attempt to create a people carrier out of a commercial vehicle by adding some extra windows and a second row. Interestingly I have never seen an MPV with the Maestro face. The Maestro and Montego faced cars share all sheetmetal from the A-pillar back.

Model badge.

China First Automobile Works.

This particular car had extra sporty Snoopy seat covers. The interior design was otherwise 100% Maestro, just like the other CA6440UA’s.